Facebook is judging how trustworthy you are: What you need to know

Facebook is trying to stop people who routinely make false claims about news articles by giving them a “trustworthiness rating”. 

Facebook users can report fake news, but some are falsely reporting articles with which they just don’t agree. Facebook realized the problem and is dinging those people. Those who report accurately get a more positive rating.

Spencer Fane cybersecurity and privacy attorney Shawn Tuma said people see things differently. There's a big difference between perception and reality.

“You can have two people that report the same exact defense as being false or true and neither one of them are lying intentionally. It’s based upon their perceptions,” said Tuma.

He said Facebook doesn't have any business trying to moderate and control the content.

“When people read articles, you may read the same facts, but you’re going to see them very, very differently. The facts are the facts. But, it’s the way that the people in the different sides see them,” said Tuma.

He added from a legal standpoint, if Facebook is regulating content, are they immune to legal claims based upon content that gets put on their Website?

Tuma compared Facebook’s increment by increment, slow push to Chinese Social Credit System, which evaluates residents on all their personal information.

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