POLL: Don’t hold your breath when it comes to impeachment

It seems that everywhere you go the mainstream media wants to talk about impeachment. In fact they used the word a whopping 222 times last Wednesday alone. But words and action are two very, very different things.

We aren’t close to anything like this happening. The investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller isn't done. Congress, for the moment, is controlled by Republicans. Gary Polland of the Texas Conservative Review only gets worried if Democrats somehow get that control back.

“Their plan is to win at least the House in November. Then it would be all impeachment all the time,” Polland said.

But it's not something they are campaigning on, and Polland says there's a reason for that.

“That nationalizes the election. Their concern is if they do that Democrats will not regain control of the House,” Polland explained.

In other words, if the Democrats run on impeachment, then it basically puts President Trump on the ballot.

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