Top 5 things we hate most about our co-workers

We spend more time interacting with the people at the office than we do with our families at home most days, and some of those people are driving us nuts.

British company asked 1,000 workers what grinded their gears the most.  Here are the top 5.

5. Interrupting while talking, a complaint more inclined to come from women than men.  If you really want to get a woman’s dander up, interrupt a woman to “mansplain” something.  You may get a reaction.

4. Messy desks.  The more we go to open-floor layouts at offices, the more of a problem this becomes.  You can’t close the door to your cubicle to hide the mess.

3. Not washing up after the restroom or in the kitchen.  Remember that sign someone posted in the break room that made mention of your mom not working there?  Not everyone read it.  As for the restroom, men get a bad rap for this, but if you’ve ever been into a public women’s restroom you know this isn’t gender exclusive.

2. Ignoring emails.  Modern technology’s way of saying you’re ignoring me and you didn’t like the picture of my cat I sent to you?

1. Smelling bad.  Four in ten people name this as a pet peeve.  Again, cubicle farms have heightened people’s sensitivity to being exposed to the fragrance of co-workers, and not showering or wearing too much cologne is a pet peeve.

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