Tattoos are not what they used to be

Not long ago a tattoo was employment suicide. But now, experts say a tattoo might actually help you land a job.

Workplace culture expert Daren Martin says a lot has changed in recent decades.

"But in the words of Bob Dylan 'the times they are a changin'.'"

Martin says tattoos can actually pad your resume.

"Tattoos can show that somebody's an individual, they have some level of creativity and I don't think it's the problem that it used to be, for sure."

Visible ink won't even keep you from waiting tables.

"People in their 20s, 30s don't blink an eye at a server having tattoos; it's more about the quality of the food."

Martin says don't go Mike Tyson with your tattoos, but if you want one, go for it. If your kids want one, a toddler would be too young, but when they reach employment age, it's no big deal.

"As long as what somebody is tattooing on their body is not offensive in some way or otherwise career threatening then I think parents need to let teens figure out how to express themselves and support them in that."

 Martin says tattoos are for more than just a sailor's forearm these days.

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