Suspect in shooting of Katy woman arrested in separate incident

Nicholas D'Agostino, 29, recently accused of shooting a woman along the Katy Freeway in an apparent road rage attack, has again been arrested on another aggravated assault charge.

Police say they traced the gun used in the Katy incident to a previous, similar attack. 

D’Agostino claimed the Katy shooting was in self-defense because the unidentified woman, who survived, cut him off in traffic. The bullet went through the victim's arm and became lodged in her chest.

Police, combing through D’Agostino’s social media accounts, say they found multiple rants about female motorists being incompetent and opinions that women's sole purpose is to give birth to male children.

D'Agostino had been released on bond earlier this week but was re-booked Thursday. His new bond was set at $250,000.

He has reportedly now confessed to being involved in other incidents in which he opened fire at people.

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