Are you better off owning a car, or taking Uber?

Uber  isn’t even 10 years old, but since picking up their first customer in San Francisco in July 2010 it’s changed everything, including the convenience of getting from here to there without having to park and all the hassles that go with having a car.

Should you just chuck the car?

Not if you’re in it for the money, says AAA Texas.  “On average, across the United States, it’s about $20,000 a year to use a ride-hailing service, versus about$10,000 to own a vehicle,” says AAA Texas’ Daniel Armbruster.  Yep, ride-sharing is twice as expensive.

They looked at the average annual cost of a ride-share service in 20 U.S. cities:

Atlanta - $17,741

Nashville - $26,397

Austin - $19,821

New York - $21,279

Baltimore - $19,917

Philadelphia - $23,201

Boston - $27,545

Phoenix - $17,436

Chicago - $22,020

Pittsburgh - $18,940

Cleveland - $20,091

Salt Lake City - $18,866

Dallas - $16,944

San Diego - $17,316

Denver - $20,434

San Francisco - $21,972

Los Angeles - $17,951

Seattle - $23,951

Miami - $17,339

Washington, D.C. - $21,093

Owning a car, even with insurance, gas, maintenance, tolls, oil, repairs and the myriad of expenses involved in keeping four tires going round and round is half what you’d pay to use your phone as your primary means of transportation.

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