Some new pet parents getting 'paw-ternity' and 'fur-ternity' leave

In an attempt to attract the best and the brightest, some work perks are bordering on ridiculousness.

Now, some places are allowing new pet parents of furry babies to work from home….”paw-ternity” or “fur-ternity” leave.

Values Driven Leadership CEO Bobby Albert said having pets is a personal choice that is your responsibility, not your employers.

“This opens up a lot of issues dealing with employee policies like, ‘What constitutes a pet? How much time do you allow? Well, what do you do about other employees that don’t have pets?’,” said Albert.

He said it might work in certain places where pets are allowed.

“If it’s an expedient, emotional decision that’s not part of your culture, you may be trying to become popular among your employees and that’s the wrong way to approach this type of policy,” said Albert.

Some workplaces also offer pet-supportive benefits-pet health insurance, pet bereavement and time off to take a pet to the vet.

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