Addicts turning to pet meds to feed habits

U. S. health officials have discovered that pet owners are stealing their pets pain medications to feed their own addictions.  There are warning signs vets can watch for.

“The client coming back over and over and over trying to claim that their pet really needs a pain killer that we have prescribed once or twice,” says Dr. Mark Moore of The Village Vet at Sterling Ridge in The Woodlands. He says there's even a worse scenario” “The maiming of pets in order to get the vet to prescribe the pet painkillers so that the owner who maimed his own pet can feed his addiction” sadly reports Dr. Moore. 

That makes them guilty of taking a controlled substance without a personal prescription and leaving their pet in pain which is animal abuse.

Michelle Mantor, publisher and editor of Houston Pet Talk comments on this horrific phenomena.

 “If the pet is suffering, and they have taken the Veterinarian Oath to make sure the pet is not suffering, it is going to be incumbent on the vets to find a solution – even all the way to call the police.”

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