Trump focuses on reshaping court that has given him problems

It’s the lasting legacy of any President. How he reshapes the courts across the country with judicial nominations. President Trump has been doing that, and now he’s looking at a court that’s been unfriendly to his policies.

Specifically, the liberal leaning US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which Ilya Shapiro of the Cato Institute says has multiple vacancies.

“It’s six or seven, and highly skewed towards Democratic appointees,” Shapiro stated.

That’s because of its location out West. It's a court that Jared Woodfill of the Conservative Republicans of Texas says has been a thorn in this President's side.

“They have consistently been a very liberal leaning and usually overturned by the Supreme Court,” Woodfill stated.

An example of that is the travel ban that the Supreme Court upheld in June, going against a 9th Circuit decision. Shapiro says filling these seats won't be easy.

“There are a number of states involved with no Republican Senators. It’s a tricky negotiation,” Shapiro said, adding the Senate gets to confirm or reject any potential nominee.

So that’s why Woodfill says the midterms in November are important.

“Trump can appoint people that interpret the Constitution instead of creating law from the bench. That’s extremely important,” Woodfill explained.

 Because as another President once famously said, elections have consequences.

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