Two dead in Missouri City warehouse shooting

A female shooter is dead, after killing one person and wounding another at a Missouri City food warehouse.

"... It's a warehouse distribution. I don't know if it actually started on the loading docks or inside. I believe there was multiple areas where it first occurred."

Missouri City Police Captain Paul Poulton says they were called to the business on Cravens Road around 3:00am. One victim died at the scene; a second victim was also wounded. Poulton adds the incident could have been much worse during regular business hours.

"At this time of night, there's usually a fraction of what's here during the day, so I'm guessing there's not that many employees around. I think at one time I heard them say there's probably less than 20 people around the complex."

 The female shooter was wounded and taken to the hospital where she later died. There is no word on whether she shot herself or was hit by police. No identities have been released.

IMAGE: Google Maps

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