Bannon backing pro-Trump documentary

While the mainstream media keeps going after the President, a familiar face is on the brink of helping his old boss.

Steve Bannon is back in the headlines. He's announced that he's putting out a pro-Trump movie called 'Trump@War' before the midterms. GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak tells KTRH Bannon is no stranger to making moves.

“Bannon has a history of making films. I think what he’s trying to do as best as I understand it is that he’s trying to fire up Trump voters,” Mackowiak explained.

Because an election without Trump on the ballot may not excite the base.

“It’s a huge question and it will to a great extent determine whether or not the Republicans can hold the House,” Mackowiak stated.

 And it may determine whether the man Trump once called 'Sloppy Steve' can get back into the President's good graces. The movie is supposed to come out next month.

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