Angry robots watching you at work could make you work faster

A new study found people finish a test faster with a “bad” robot, like they would a judgmental human. Researchers claim maybe test subjects had a raised state of alertness that improves their focus.

SevenTablets, Inc. CEO Kishore Khandavalli said technology is being adopted in exciting ways, including workforce efficiency.

“By making it look like a human being and making it look like the eyes are watching you and the ears are listening to you, it’s really playing into the psychology of the employees, rather than a square or round box machine sitting there and doing the exact same thing,” said Khandavalli.

He said this is no different from having software program that watches you through a camera or capturing data.

“If the workers know that they’re going to get less than a positive response if they slack or if they slow down, then obviously they’re being responsive to that,” said Khandavalli.

 Those with a nicer robot or who worked alone, worked slower.

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