Waiters are in high demand in the Houston area

Across the country...there's a shortage of waiters, and that doesn't exclude Texas. It's also getting harder to find qualified restaurant workers in the Houston area.

Some restaurants are having such a difficult time keeping wait staff, they just need bodies to open and operate and are hiring almost anyone.

Legacy Restaurants CEO Jonathan Horowitz said the Houston labor market for restaurant workers is very tight and that makes it lucrative.

“The byproduct of there being a labor shortage in the hospitality industry is that people have to pay more to attract workers, they have to provide benefits,” said Horowitz.

He said it's difficult to find qualified workers right now, so restaurants are incentives and career opportunities.

“The vast majority of restaurants that I am aware of, are offering health benefits, they’re offering paid vacations and they’re raising their wages just to try to compete and attract qualified workers,” said Horowitz.

It's a great job for entry level, but restaurants really need experienced, skilled labor to survive and thrive.

 Horowitz said going to a restaurant isn't just for food, it's an experience...one that a server can make or break.

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