Newspapers coordinate to fight Trump message

President Trump has gone after newspapers over bad reporting. It’s been part of his message against the mainstream media and fake news. Now the newspapers have responded, and that response appears coordinated at the least.

Over 350 newspapers had editorials yesterday defending how they do their jobs as a response to what President Trump has said over the last few years. Over 350. Is that collusion? Republican strategist Jessica Colon thinks it's a valid question.

“It definitely smacks of coordination. If you have ever wondered if there is coordination within the mainstream media and liberal journalism today this proves the point,” Colon said.

Those newspapers want Trump to listen to them. They want Trump supporters to understand their point of view. But, the better question is whether or not those journalists will practice what they preach.

“Journalists today are not prepared to take their own advice. All we want journalists to do is their job. Report the facts,” Colon explained.

 So if you think the mainstream media and these newspapers are going to change how they do things, you are likely to be very, very wrong.

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