Could government shutdown in order to get border wall built?

Border security remains a hot topic when U.S. senators return to Washington this week, with the possibility of a government shutdown looming.

Republicans and Democrats haven’t been able to find common ground.

President Trump might not budge this time around for a border wall.

Harris County Republican Party Chairman Paul Simpson said it’s the Democrats who are playing political games by wanting to abolish ICE and abandon all border security.

“Republicans are trying to solve the problem and move ahead and we’re protecting our country standing for ending the scourge of human trafficking. Democrats are being pretty cynical, playing to their radical base, trying to abolish all immigration enforcement,” said Simpson.

He said it's the Democrats who are creating the problem.

“The Democrats are cynically gambling with our security, just to score political points. For example, human trafficking across the border is a modern-day scourge that needs to be stopped, and the wall is an essential part of that,” said Simpson.

The Senate returned to work yesterday (Wednesday) and the U.S. House will return next month.

The fiscal year ends September 30.

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