Are American consumers practicing what we preach?

President Trump has put America first. It’s what he campaigned on. It’s driving economic policy. He’s practicing what he preaches. We, as consumers might not be doing the same when it comes to buying American though.

And that's even though three out of four voters told a new poll that buying American is either somewhat or very important to them. But look at the cars we buy. Look at the cars you park next to in your garage at work. There's a good chance a lot of them are not American. But, economist Hank Lewis tells KTRH there's something about those cars you might not know.

“Most of your major foreign car companies have multiple factories on U.S. soil,” Lewis stated.

But, Lewis says the America First concept is having an impact on at least one level when you head out to purchase what you need. You are thinking before you shop.

“We seem to be more conscious about buying from local businesses, and we seem to be trying to buy American when we can,” Lewis explained.

However, for big purchases, Lewis says we buy what fits our income, not necessarily what fits our patriotism.

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