POLL: What are Houston area school districts doing to make schools safer?

As Many Houston area kids get set for their first day of school this morning, you might be wondering what measures districts around the city are doing to make things safer following the shooting at Santa Fe High School in May.

Fort Bend ISD has updated security cameras and all visitors must check in. At Katy ISD parents and visitors must follow a clear bag policy. There is no mention of arming teachers with either the Marshall or Guardian programs. Joy Baskin at the Texas Association of School Boards explains why.

“It’s likely because they have access to peace officers with a very quick response time,” Baskin stated.

She says it’s different in other areas of the state. Overall, 255 districts in Texas will now arm employees. Under the Marshall guns can't be carried around students. The guardian program allows armed personnel to carry at all times. Former Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson consulted with the Governor's office on school safety and says her prefers the Guardian program.

“I carry a firearm with you all the time you always know where it is,” Patterson explained. “Under the Marshall program the firearm has to be locked up in a lockbox.”

Conroe ISD tells KTRH they have instituted initiatives like 'Anonymous Alerts,' which is an app where kids can report safety issues. Spring ISD is continuing its use of metal detectors.

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