Texas schools have work to do according to new ranking

As schools open up around Houston today, you might be interested to know just how schools across Texas stack up against schools from other states.

A new survey shows there's room for improvement. WalletHub ranks Texas 36th this year. Researcher Jill Gonzalez explained to KTRH what hurt Texas schools.

“ACT and SAT scores were some of the lowest in the country. And for every nineteen students in a classroom there is only one teacher,” Gonzalez explained.

Texas was 48th in median SAT score. But there was good news, too.

“It did a lot better when it comes to school system quality overall. And there is a good graduation rate, so that’s good to see,” she stated.

Texas also had the fifth lowest dropout rate in the country. Education expert David Dillard says if you want schools to do a better job, you need to get involved.

“Let your child’s teacher know that you are there to help and support, because your child’s education really does matter to you,” Dillard explained, adding that it's not a bad idea to get involved at local school board meetings, as well.

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