Some gun shops are selling bulletproof backpacks for back to school

Following last year's end of school deadly shooting in Santa Fe, Texas schools are stepping up their school safety efforts and parents are arming their children with another layer of protection.

Since the deadly Florida school shooting there’s been a big increase in bulletproof backpack and insert sales.

Texas Law Shield attorney and Walker & Taylor partner Emily Taylor said bulletproof backpacks are just another tool to help keep students safe during an active shooter event.

“Generally they are going to stop handgun rounds, but perhaps not rifle rounds. And, of course, this is all dependent on how far away the shooter is. There are many, many variables,” said Taylor.

She said it provides extra protection in the case of an active shooter and a student can hold it up like a shield.

“It’s going to look like a regular backpack, and in fact, in many cases, the ballistic insert is actually removable and you can transfer from backpack to backpack,” said Taylor.

She said it's not the one solution to keeping students safe, but it is an excellent tool to help protect themselves against handguns, not rifles.

Bulletproof backpacks can range in price from $200-$500.

Bulletproof backpacks have a shelf life of five years and it’s advised not to leave one out in the sun or heat.

Texas Law Shield has witnessed ballistic tests and recommends Tuffy Packs, which aren't as heavy or costly as other brands.

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