Final List of Flood Projects Presented to Commissioners Court

Early voting started last week, but the Harris County Flood Control District just presented its final list of projects Tuesday to Commissioners Court for its $2.5 billion bond proposal.

More than 230 projects are listed on the Flood Control District's website. Spokesman Rob Lazaro says they run the gamut since each watershed has different needs.

“Some are older and need wholesale replacement. Some of the drainage issues are within the neighborhood streets and others are in the bayous where they need to be either widened or added to a storage detention facility,” he says.

“We can get a return of 3-1 or 4-1 for every dollar we spend we get that money back in our partnership projects, but then we also have dollars dedicated specifically for local projects that may not compete well for federal funding.”

Lazaro admits officials are still playing catch up to the region's fast growth. “To protect those areas and help economic growth in the future, we need to consider investment in our infrastrucure.”

Early voting ends next Tuesday in the August 25 election.

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