Can Facebook recover from effects of its political stance?

A new study finds that in the past two years, Facebook’s monthly page visits has gone from 8.5 billion to 4.7 billion.

Facebook is losing traffic over the multifaceted problems and has been trying to do damage control.

Social Media Houston owner Cindy Pruitt said she thinks Facebook can rebound from it.

"They're certainly not, like, on their death bed or anything of that nature. They still have over two billion users every day. However, they are getting a lot of flak for stuff because of things that happened," said Pruitt.

Facebook losing almost half its page visits over the past two years, is changing the social media scene. Despite Facebook starting out for college students, it's not where the young teens tend to hang out. Although, Pruitt said younger folks were never Facebook's demographics, it’s more for the 30 and older crowd. The youth trend to the YouTube videos.

"Video is the next best thing to being face to face. And, kids love the video. I mean, we all have video recorders in the palm of our hand," said Pruitt.

She said Facebook could phase out if they continue to bleed users and lose stock.

Anyone remember the My Space mass exodus?

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