Sports betting in Texas? Don't bet on it

Since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of sports betting many Texans look forward to wagering on the NFL and NBA someday. But experts say if that day comes, it probably won't be soon.

Buffalo Wild Wings is the latest to want sports betting on its menu. U of H's Brandon Rottinghaus says there's no doubt the ban on gambling chases Texans out of state.

"The joke is, if you go to casino parking lots in Oklahoma and Louisiana, all of the license plates are from Texas."

But Professor Rottinghaus says this a very red state.

"For every dollar raised there's an additional dollar or possibly more conservatives argue will be needed to offset the costs of increased gaming."

Professor Rottinghaus says he's not sure a majority of Texans would vote to legalize sports gambling, if it makes it to a ballot.

"It would have to be approved by voters, which would require two thirds of the legislature to approve putting it on a ballot and then a majority of voters would have to choose; I don't know if it could get a majority of votes, depending on how it's done, so that's a big hurdle in a conservative-leaning state."

In May the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of sports gambling.

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