Society and Sociable Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is getting to be so sociable - but society's not accepting it! Personal home robots, powered by A I, that can socialize with you will soon be rolling out of laboratories and into your living room and kitchen!  Are you ready to invite them in?

Kishore Khandavalli of Seven Tablets says, “People are ok with robots that build cars or are used in medical laboratories---but when it comes to social interaction, that’s when we see some real pushback.” 

Khandavalli reminds you that A I will never be as smart as humans and there's nothing to fear. “Robots will never replace human beings.”

Khandavalli says we will come around when they become more prevalent in our lives.  But not yet!  Cute, sociable robots like Jibo and Kuri have been early casualties...even though Jibo was featured on the cover of Time Magazine!.

All-in-all, Khandavalli says, “We’re pushing away boundaries to scientific knowledge every day.  This is a great time for Technology Geeks like me!”

And, psssssst…JIBO is still on sale online.

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