Kids not the only ones hoping for good grades this school year

Kids around Houston are getting ready for school again. Some go back this week, and some go back next week. They won’t be the only ones getting graded on their performance, either.

On Wednesday the state gives school districts official letter grades for the first time. It's a rating system to show transparency and exactly how school districts are doing. Fort Bend ISD Superintendent Charles Dupre tells KTRH he doesn't like it.

“It’s placing grades on schools primarily based on a test that is taken one day of the year,” Dupre said.

DeEtta Culbertson with the Texas Education Agency told us what Dupre says is not the case.

“It also looks at the growth of the student over the year. It looks at closing the gaps between high performing students and students of different ethnic and economic groups,” Culbertson explained.

But Dupre isn't the only educator who is upset. A lot of them are. Harrold ISD Superintendent David Thweatt says there hast to be a better way.

“We talk about different things, but we need to focus on what used to be focused on. And that is what is not and effective school,” Thweatt stated.

Dupre thinks the tests should be a tool, and not the basis for grading school districts.

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