Beer Shelves being ‘Weeded’

Craft beer lovers will have to try something different on their next trip to the store.  Houston-based St. Arnold’s Brewery is discontinuing its Weedwacker Hefeweizen.

The company said that despite winning multiple awards, the summertime brew was not selling very well. 

The local microbrewery posted an obituary to their discontinued product:

On July 17, 2018, Saint Arnold Weedwacker was packaged for the final time.

Weedwacker was born in August 2010 in the Fifth Ward neighborhood of Houston, Texas. He will be remembered as a pioneer in the local beer scene, the first of several beers released in the Saint Arnold Movable Yeast series.

In life, Weedwacker was a Hefeweizen… sort of. His drinkers described him as refreshing. Quaffable even. In 2016, Weedwacker moved to cans and later, his merits were recognized nationally, garnering a gold medal and three bronze medals at the Great American Beer Festival. Going out on top, Weedwacker also took home a gold medal at World Beer Cup earlier this year.

In lieu of flowers, contributions in memory of Weedwacker may be made to your local grocery or liquor store, where funds will be accepted in exchange for the remaining cans of Weedwacker.

Weedwacker is survived by half brother Fancy Lawnmower and cousin Santo.

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