Good News and Bad News of Low Unemployment Rates

Getty Images. "Help wanted"

The good news – we’re enjoying record low unemployment.

The bad news - there are lots of important jobs that still need to be filled.

The most needed and hardest to fill jobs in Texas include Construction, Home Health Care Providers and the people who drive those huge trucks that carry everything from Athletic Shoes to Zip Lock Bags.  You see construction workers everywhere, and getting a good home health care provider for your parents isn't easy. Martin Garsee of HCC transportation education says there's huge demand for truck drivers here.

“Houston is a good market for getting products in and out. So there are a lot of local and regional job openings.”

And job security

“There have been no layoffs ever in the trucking industry – as far as the driver is concerned. We get calls every day for companies that are in need of our truck driving school graduates. ”  

All this security - and you can take your dog with you!

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