A staggering Amount of overstayed Visas

The U.S. often talks tough about immigration, but it's just talk. More than 600,000 foreigners overstayed their Visas last year.

Dave Ray of the Federation for American Immigration Reform says we COULD fix it, but so far we haven't.

"It would require biometric entry/exit systems at our major ports of entry so that it would scan when people enter and leave and then compare that to what their Visa had."

Ray says we ignore this at our peril.

"If you can't control who's coming into your country and you can't control the notion that they leave when they're supposed to then you really have no system in place whatsoever and that's really what we're facing right now."

Ray says the biometric changes were recommended by the 9/11 Commission.

"Are they simply here to take a job from an American or is there another 9/11 plot underway? This is not a question we should ask lightly."

 But it's not just Mexicans and Canadians; Ray says Europeans are also overstaying their Visas, perhaps because they think U.S. immigration law is all hat and no cattle.

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