Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast Downgraded

It looks like it could be a lighter Atlantic hurricane season than previously forecasted because the Pacific has had so many already.

KPRC-TV Chief Meteorologist Frank Billingsley said Colorado State officials have reduced their prediction from six to four hurricanes and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reduced the hurricane count from nine to seven.

“Pacific has been on fire. We’re already up to the K storm. A lot of times when the Pacific is really active, just because of the way the atmosphere works, the Atlantic tends to be quiet, that’s what’s happening right now,” said Billingsley.

He reminds us we're just barely starting to really hit the peak hurricane season now.

“Everyone will tell you it only takes one. Alicia was one of four back in 1983. Andrew, that hit Miami, was one of seven back in 1992,” said Billingsley.

The Atlantic is seeing the first "D" storm, Debby.

Hurricane Ike hit in September 2008. Harvey hit last August.

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