Late Summer Travel Deals

If you still have vacation days to use this summer, now is the time to book a trip. Ryan Beauchamp with airfare prediction app Hopper says airlines are offering steep discounts both overseas and domestically.

“Labor Day prices are really cheap this year, they're the cheapest we've seen since 2015, especially to places like Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Mertle Beach, parts of the southeast, and now is definitely the time to buy,” he says.

Beauchamp says deals also are being offered to Denver, Chicago and the New York area due to lower fuel prices and increased competition between carriers who are quickly trying to fill seats ahead of Labor Day.

“The savings are going to depend on when you buy,” he says. “Especially now if you're leaving for Labor Day this is the time to buy and you could save 15, 20 or 30 percent if you're buying now rather in the next few weeks.”

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