It's a good Time to be looking for a Job


Unemployment is about as low as it will go and that means employers are competing for new hires. But that doesn't necessarily mean free beer on tap at the office. Experts say millennial workers want fulfillment.

Texas business coach Tracy Timm says when you hear about Silicon Valley companies offering lots of perks, keep in mind those perks may not be as free as they sound.

"Those people work long hours; they're there for a long time and if I can get breakfast, lunch and dinner there for free I'm probably gonna spend my entire day there, Monday through Friday."

Timm says the big difference between Millennials and Baby Boomers is the need for job fulfillment, not just a good salary.

"They want to know that their jobs matter, both personally and to some other community outside of them."

Timm says employers don't have to be flashy, but they need to make workers feel like their work serves a good purpose.

"It's less about the perks that are actually, physically in the office and things to do and things to distract you and that sort of thing; it's really more about what those perks add to the quality of life for the people spending time in the office."

Timm says Millennials need to feel their work is improving the world in some way.

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