Are Americans as smart as we think we are?

If you think Americans are smart, a new survey might have you wondering whether that is true.

A new survey showed only one person out of a thousand could name all five First Amendment rights, and that 40 percent couldn't name any. Syracuse University professor Robert Thompson told KTRH the results are a reality check for us.

“Whenever we hear one of these stories it’s shocking. I remember a survey years ago that showed more people could name the Seven Dwarfs than they could the Justices on the Supreme Court,” Thompson explained.  

So is this a case of people, especially young people, being more likely to protest than actually knowing what they are talking about?

“I’m not sure that being able to recite that is a pre-requisite for being politically conscious or active,” Thompson stated. 

But Thompson admits there are some that are more opinionated than knowledgeable. In this survey, only 15% named the freedom of religion as one of the rights under the First Amendment.

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