Airlines: Bookings to Mexican Resorts Dropping

A recent drop is bookings is forcing airlines to scale back service to Mexican resort cities in the wake of cartel violence.

United, Delta, American and Spirit all reported falling demand for travel to Mexico in recent quarterly earnings calls.

“Yes there actually is a soft market and it's because of the perception, not because of the reality,” says Catherine Banks of Legacy Travel, who insists the fear of cartel violence is overblown.

“The resort areas of Mexico are rated a two on the scale put up by the State Department, very much the same as Paris, Rome and London, places that people would never give a second thought about going to,” she says.

Even the State Department admits many of the homicides are "targeted, criminal assassinations" that only sometimes affect tourists.

“Mexico is, was, remains a fabulous destination,” says Banks. “I have my children down here with me right now, absolutely no reservation about safety in Mexican resort areas at all.”

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