Cruz Rallying Support in Houston Area

Sen. Ted Cruz will be campaigning in Pasadena Tuesday as his Democratic challenger Beto O'Rourke continues to rake in campaign contributions from across the nation.

Anyone who receives an alert from the Cruz campaign will notice a more urgent tone as some polls show the Republican incumbent leading by just a few percentage points.

“You don't motivate people without giving them a sense of urgency and if he was complacent then he would not be doing his job in this campaign cycle,” says Matt Langston, vice president of Axiom Strategies in Austin.

“What you're seeing is liberal media hype that they want you to believe this is real race, but Cruz is a known quantity in the state of Texas,” he says.

Langston says there are just too many undecideds in recent polling data to say O'Rourke will overtake Cruz.

“The Hillary Clintons and Nancy Pelosis of the world are just gambling here in Texas,” he says. “They're hoping they're going to catch some mythical blue wave that is nonexistent.”

“I'm very optimistic that he's going to win with a very healthy margin in the fall.”

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