College Campuses Becoming Recruiting Ground for Socialists

Socialism is spreading across U.S. college campuses, where chapters of Young Democratic Socialists of America have nearly quadrupled in recent years.

The organization currently has 57 registered chapters on college campuses, up from just 15 in 2016. Over 200 campuses have expressed interest.

Many parents are likely unaware they're sending their college students off to be indoctrinated into the ideas of unions and Medicare for all.

“Socialists tactics are something we've seen for years and not just from YDSA students,” says Spencer Brown, spokesman for the conservative-based Young America's Foundation. “All the time we come up against fascist tactics from radical leftists that try to shut down our events and prevent our students from having a voice on their campus.”

“The best thing to do if you're a conservative is to stand up and be bold,” he says. “Bring in a conservative speaker to try to breakup that monopoly on ideas and if the YDSA groups try to protest, I think is says more about them than it does about our speakers.”

Brown says he finds it ironic the YDSA's constitution believes in helping campus communities “fight for equality and justice.”

That's exactly the same thing that conservaties want and that's why groups like the Young America's Foundation are currently suing some schools for treating conservative students without equality and not giving them the justice they give to other students on their campuses,” he says.

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