GOP Donor Unfazed by Recent Fundraising

A record number of Democratic challengers are outraising their GOP opponents, but at least one donor insists the blue wave is over.

While Democrats have a financial advantage in some races, Republican National Committee overall have raised more money this election cycle: $213 million to the Democratic National Committee’s $109 million.

“The DNC has $8.7 million cash on hand and $5.7 million debt, the RNC has over $50 million cash and no debt,” says Dan Eberhart, GOP donor and CEO of oil field services company Canary.

“I personally think the blue wave has crested a little too early and I think the Supreme Court opening has really kind of neutralized the enthusiasm gap.”

That's why Eberhart's not worried about Sen. Ted Cruz and other high-profile races.

“Texas is a Republican state, right? So presumably if Ted Cruz executes and has roughly the same amount of money as Beto O'Rourke, I think he'll be okay,” he says.

In fact, Eberhart believes Republicans will keep their House majority and pick up a couple of Senate seats.

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