Cohen isn’t helping the legal profession

Lawyers aren’t the most popular of people. Even they admit it. Comics make fun of them all the time. And the jokes have been coming fast and furious ever since it came out that Michael Cohen had tapes of calls he and President Trump were part of.

Those tapes Cohen haven't exactly made Cohen popular. And legal analyst Chris Tritico says Cohen blew up the attorney/client privilege with that stunt.

“I certainly don’t tape record anyone. I don’t know any lawyer that tape records their clients,” Tritico said.

As long as the President had that conversation with Cohen before he hired him, Tritico thinks that maybe this would not have happened.

“If everyone operates within that framework the privilege is always intact,” he stated.

And Tritico admits one thing. Cohen hasn't exactly helped lawyers with their public perception.

“Everyone hates lawyers until you need one. Then you love me. That’s fine. I can live with that,” Tritico explained.

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