Sitting and staring at computer screens causes a lot of health problems

A study finds the average office worker spends about 1,700 hours a year in front of a computer screen.

Kelsey Seybold's Dr. Shane Magee said looking at your computer has a lot of negative effects on the human body.

“Eye strain, blurry vision, maybe some headaches, maybe some vertigo as your eyes get tired because the eyes are useful to maintain your balance,” said Magee. “Muscle fatigue happens anywhere. And, a lot of times, when we’re staring at the computer, you’re not blinking as well, so your eyes are getting drier.”

He added sitting eight hours a day gives you a sedentary lifestyle and all those ramifications.

“Posture also effects your confidence and your mood, weight gain, hypertension, diabetes,” said Magee.

Don't forget carpal tunnel syndrome.

He said get a glare-reducing screen, get up every 10 minutes and get the blood flowing by walking up and down a flight of stairs, or get a standing desk and use an ergonomically designed mouse pad or keyboard.

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