Search Continues for Suspected Killer

A SWAT situation turns into a false alarm at the Westbury residence of Joseph Pappas.  He's the primary suspect in the July 20th shooting death of Houston cardiologist Dr. Mark Hausknecht.

"Precinct Five actually received a call for service nearby, where somebody felt like they saw the suspect - Joseph Pappas - that we've been looking for in this murder case."

Assistant Investigative Chief Matt Slinkard says when deputies drove by the house, they saw a gate open and a light on in the house leading them to believe someone was inside.  A SWAT team entered the house and found it empty. 

"Because nobody remembered that gate being open and also because a light was seen on inside the residence, in an abundance of caution for the safety of everybody here in this neighborhood, we wanted to make sure that potentially the suspect had not found a way to come back to this house and gain entrance."

The citywide search for Pappas is still underway.  Police say Pappas should be considered armed, dangerous, and possibly suicidal. 

Here's his photo:

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