Media keeps attacking Trump while losing big numbers of workers

The mainstream media won’t let up. They keep on attacking President Trump and his administration. But what they aren’t telling you, is that their numbers are actually dwindling.

The media workforce is down 23% over the last ten years. Newspapers have seen 45% declines in that same time frame. Jeff McCall at DePauw University explains why.

“A lot of rational viewers are departing because they just don’t have the confidence in them that they used to,” McCall said.

A big reason for that is the liberal agenda that you are tired of. An agenda on display when CNN's Jim Acosta harassed White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to say the press wasn't an enemy of the country during yesterday’s press briefing. Sanders fought back.

“The media has attacked me personally on a number of occasions, including your network,” Sanders countered. “They said I should be harassed as a life sentence; that I should be choked.”

So, what does the future for media hold?

“The best and brightest minds graduating college are going to have a hard time wanting to join an industry where they will be underpaid, disrespected and perhaps laid off in five years,” McCall explained.

But their present depends on the President for ratings, which the President says will crash when he's gone.

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