POLL: Wall would help Trump numbers if built

The wall that President Trump campaigned on has yet to be built. But he is threatening to shut the government down at the end of September if it isn’t funded. And that’s something that is music to the ears of Trump supporters.

In fact, Ann Coulter told Breitbart his base would be even more supportive if the wall was built.

“If he’d build the wall, his poll numbers will go through the roof,” she stated.

Houston political consultant Joe Brettell tells KTRH he agrees.

“The reality of it is that every political base has dream priorities that they’d like to see,” Brettell said.

And new polling shows that immigration is the biggest issue that is influencing voters right now. Brettell says there's a lot of anger directed at Congress over the lack of immigration reform.

“That’s more the result of a dysfunctional Congress, which is the legislative making body in our system of government,” Brettell explained.

Immigration is not only important to Republicans in this poll. Independents - at a 36% clip - said immigration was their top issue, too.

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