Illegals Appearing on Voter Rolls as Midterms Near

Non-citizens are increasingly being discovered on U.S. voter rolls through covert registration efforts and other suspicious or unexplained circumstances ... and the examples of it grow as the nation's midterm elections approach.

Just one example, according to The Washington Times, is a Russian-born woman in San Francisco who became a U.S. citizen only last year – but discovered that someone had signed her up as a voter six years ago.

Fair-elections advocates say the issue illustrates the larger problem with liberal philosophy on who gets a vote.

Nevertheless, there’s apparent support on the left for illegals to be able to vote. A new Rasmussen finds that 54 percent of Democrats think illegal aliens should be given the right to vote – if they’re paying taxes.

Also, 53 percent of all self-described liberals in the poll – whether they’re Democrats or independents -- said that they too support giving the 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S. the right to vote.

Among American voters overall, however, almost 60 percent oppose that idea.

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