Ivy League degree doesn’t necessarily mean graduates will earn more

Zippia’s data team, determined which school in each state graduates the highest earners, on average.

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is the top school in the state.

KD College Prep President David Dillard said the study is ranking students coming out of medical school with all other undergraduate and graduate programs from small colleges.

“You would expect students coming out of a specialized medical program to have the potential to earn a lot,” said Dillard.

He said students are looking to what school will help them earn and accomplish the most monetarily, but they should be looking which will be their best fit to thrive and be happy.

Dillard said where you went to college can influence how much you make for a living, but it's not the final determinant.

“It can have a bearing in whether you get the interview. But, ultimately there’s going to be a lot more involved in just where you went to college,” said Dillard.

He said employers will be looking at you as a person and your character.

Forbes’ third annual America’s Best Value Colleges ranking of 300 schools based on net price, net debt, alumni earnings, timely graduation, school quality and access for low-income students. 

#25 Rice University

#29 Texas A&M

#44 University of Texas-Austin

#61 UT-Dallas

#134 University of Houston

#138 Texas Tech University

#175 Southern Methodist University

#191 UT-Arlington

#212 UT-El Paso

#248 University of North Texas

#252 UT-Rio Grande Valley

#253 Trinity University

#254 Texas Christian University

#261 Texas State University

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