Boyfriend Charged With Murder In Woman's Disappearance

HCSO Commander of the Homicide Unit Christopher Sandoval say 58-year-old Rebecca Suhrheinrich' boyfriend Jeffrey Andre McDonald, 46, with murder. 

New information reveals that overnight, McDonald was arrested shortly after midnight last night. 

Houston police patrolling the area saw a man standing in the middle of the street, taking his clothes off at an intersection in southeast Houston near Lockwood. and the 610 Loop. Police say he "appeared to be under the influence of drugs and pretty out of it." Police approached him ran his name and realized he was the man wanted for murder in Suhrehinrich's case.

He was taken into custody without incident.

HCSO Commander of the Homicide Unit Christopher Sandoval said in a press conference this morning that McDonald also has a history of assault and some other criminal cases. 

As for the case involving the murder of his girlfriend, authorities believe the body found is that of Suhrehinrich. Authorities say they still need to interview McDonald who remains in custody about how and why the murder happened.  They're still pulling facts together for the prosecution and expecting to file additional information with the district attorney's office soon after McDonald's interview.

As for how they met, witnesses say McDonald may have been frequenting the complex when the two struck up a relationship. Witnesses also say there was a dating relationship between the two for about a month and saw them at the apartment together. McDonald was also seen driving Suhrheinrich's car on many occasions. 

HCSO homicide unit have been diligently investigating the case since the beginning in order to bring some closure to the victim's family. However, authorities say "Suhrheinrich suffered significant trauma to the body That was understood when you walked into the bloodied apartment. Also, her car was driving away from the scene." Her body was and found near a waterway in close proximity of the general location they were canvasing during the search

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