Airlines VS Your Luggage

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Airlines play a big part of any trip – and damaging or out-right losing your luggage can destroy your vacation

Shayla Northcutt of Northcutt Travel Agency says the best way to avoid damaging your things is to buy a hard case.

“And don’t buy a pretty one. It’s going to get scratched up soon enough – but it’s the shape of what’s on the inside that’s what is really important.”

To help guard against long-time loss of a bag, she advises,

“Put a full printed contact information sheet in the top pocket of every checked bag. That way if your bag is found while you’re still on vacation, you stand a better chance of getting it delivered to you.

Northcutt also warns you that airlines are not the quickest or best at processing those claims, either, so she always carries separate flight insurance on every trip.

“That way you will be fully covered!”

Best Airlines (Lost and Damaged Bag Reports)

Numbers are per 1,000

  1. Spirit                    1.61
  2. Jet Blue               1.65
  3. Virgin America    1.78
  4. Alaska                 1.81
  5. Delta                    1.82
  6. United                  2.38 
  7. Frontier                2.67
  8. Hawaiian             2.75
  9. Southwest           2.83
  10. American            2.84 

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