Mainstream Media treating trade war like every other issue

The mainstream media keeps railing against the President’s tariffs and trade war. They refuse to give you the complete picture of what is going on with the economy, too.

Just watch the coverage. The mainstream media goes out of its way to find farmers hurt by the tariffs, not the ones saying this is necessary to make things fair again. And they also glossed over the progress that was made with the EU on the issue.

“The EU story is moving ahead very rapidly. That puts China in a difficult position,” said Larry Kudlow, the Director of the National Economic Council on CBS.

But again, the mainstream media isn’t talking about that. Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center says that is par for the course.

“They are playing games. They want to hype the tariff fallout. They have never wanted to talk about the good economic news,” Gainor said.

In the end, Gainor says there's a goal the mainstream media has; the midterms.

“They so badly hate Donald Trump that they aid and abet anybody that’s against him,” Gainor stated, adding they won't give you the whole story, and hope you won't figure out what they are up to.

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