Employers Ditching Experience Requirements

Employers are trying new policy: “No Experience Necessary."

Some businesses are abandoning preferences for college degrees and specific skill sets, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The intent is to speed up hiring and broaden the pool of job candidates.

Less than 1 in 4 entry-level jobs require three or more years of experience – down from 29 percent in 2012. The puts an extra million-plus jobs in play for people, according to the research firm Burning Glass Technologies.

Job postings that request a college degree are now at just 30 percent ... down from 32 percent last year.

Employment expert Phil Willlingham of the Houston office of Robert Half says the tight job market is like nothing he’s seen in some 20 years of following it.

It’s all the result of a strong economy and low unemployment -- and Willingham says that means practical knowledge, even self-taught skills like coding, make people worth hiring to fill vacancies.

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