We could live forever if we gain electronic immortality

If you think living forever is just something that you see at the movies, think again. It might be possible if you believe what one futurist believes to be true.

The futurist we are talking about, Ian Pearson from England, says we could have electronic immortality by 2050. The idea is that we would merge our minds with androids. Futurist Jim Carroll tells KTRH it's not as farfetched as you might think.

“We are figuring out how to store some of this knowledge in computers, maybe we are on to a thing where computers and memory storage becomes an extension of our brain,” Carroll said.

But before you think that this is going to be something great, remember we all thought social media was going to be a great thing just a decade ago, too.

“We thought it would have a powerful and positive impact on the world and mankind,” Carroll explained. “I think we are increasingly realizing that it has had a big negative impact.”

In other words, technology gives us a lot of good things, but there are always downsides, too.

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