Home the new “it” place to workout

Woman walking on a path

Researchers found that 65 percent of Americans prefer to workout at home over the gym.

Also, 77 percent use stationary bikes to watch more TV. Forty-one percent use their phone during a workout for music. Forty-five percent say gym memberships are too pricey.Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and Certified Nutrition Specialist fitness and wellness expert Jennifer Nicole Lee said people love the ease and convenience of training at home.

“No parking, no driving. You don’t need to even get dressed up to go to the gym and look cute, and plus, you’re in your own element. You can train as you want and it’s just so much more affordable, as well,” said Lee.

She said while the gym provides some camaraderie and equipment, you might also feel judged.

She's also seeing a trend of live stream workouts.

“People are logging into their laptops or smart TVs and they’re watching a live instructor who can see them, talk right back to them, critique their form, empower them and motivate them,” said Lee.

She said working from home is more affordable, no parking, no driving, no need to get dressed up and you're in your own element.

The survey found the top 5 at-home workouts:

1. Running (treadmill or outside)

2. Biking (stationary or regular)

3. Weight workouts (crunches, squats, pushups)

4. Yoga

5. Free weights

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