Left outrage over Russia is selective

The left has been melting down for two years now over Russia and the election of President Donald Trump. But they aren’t always like this, especially when it comes to Russia.

Russia is helping the governments of Venezuela and Nicaragua, but you don’t hear complaints from the left. You don’t hear about it on the cable news shows. Then President Obama told a Russian official before his reelection that he would have more “flexibility” after he won a second term in office. The left said nothing. Robin Armstrong of the RNC tells KTRH the left stood silent aver Russia at other points in history, too.

“Liberals and Democrats in general were never concerned about Soviet meddling during the Cold War. They were never concerned about it,” Armstrong said.

And he says the reason why they are so angry now is simple. They are sore losers.

“The only reason they are upset at what they perceive as meddling in the campaign is because Hillary Clinton lost the election. That is the only reason they care,” Armstrong explained, adding that this is not a Trump only phenomenon. Any Republican than would have won in 2016 would be facing the same thing.

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