Employers and job candidates ghosting each other in hot economy

With the current tight job market and low unemployment rate, job candidates are ghosting future employers. A new trend finds that that they aren’t showing up to scheduled job interviews, or accepting offers, or even failing to show up for the first day of work.

Robert Half Houston Regional President Brandi Clark said it’s becoming more common for both employers and employees to ghost each other.

But, that spells bad news for new employees.

“We’re very leery on placing them out again, because we worried that may happen again. So, honesty, moving quickly, making decisions and just keeping all parties involved in the loop on what’s going on that’s the best way to keep all of this moving nicely,” said Clark.

She said both parties need to over communicate.

Candidates think they’ve been ghosted when employers move slow.

“People at the end of the day, having to give negative feedback or tell someone no, people shy away from that,” said Clark.

She said if candidates haven't heard back in a couple of weeks, they X them off their list.

“And, that company may very well be very interested in them, they just have a slower process,” said Clark.

She said employers need to move faster to get the better employee.

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